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Fourth Edition

Hire with Your Head

by Lou Adler

This book is a hands-on practical guide for any hiring manager who wants to hire a great person and how the process can be scaled company wide.

The Future of Hiring: Win-Win Hiring

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Hire for the Anniversary Date, Not the Start Date

Use Performance-based Hiring and AI to Build Outstanding and Diverse Teams


The Hire with Your Head Training Programs


Self-paced courses for hiring managers, recruiters and business leaders to find, interview and hire stronger people.

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Our Win-Win HIring Courses & Programs

The Performance-based Hiring techniques described in Hire with Your Head described new ways to define work and find, interview and recruit the strongest and most diverse talent for any role. Review our current course offerings for recruiters and hiring managers to learn more.

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Creating an Extraordinary Candidate Experience - The ECX

"High Touch" Recruiting and Hiring: Spending More Time with Fewer People

To raise the talent bar, you need to attract remarkable people. To hire these people, you need to create an ECX focused on how they evaluate and accept opportunities. This needs to start long before they're hired and continue long after they've been hired. This is the promise, purpose and reality of Performance-based Hiring.

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